It always seems to me that this time – Christmas to New Years Day – is when the matted hair and craggy scales and festering wounds and dried flesh fall off to reveal a smooth, untouched, sleek new creature of possibility. The mad dash and delirium that is Christmas preparations is done and over. By this time (3p EST) all the packages wrapped with care have been savagely ripped of their wrapping and are either being played with, worn, or tucked back under the tree waiting for regifting or exchanging.

It’s done. And now these few in-between days, where the sand runs out, the clock runs down, and the opportunity of a fresh new year start become more and more apparent, begin to take center stage. The reflections begin. “I wanted to…” “I started but didn’t finish….” “I would have like to…”

And the reflections turn into possibilities. Possibilities. A friend told me when describing possibilities not to use the word should, should has too many layers of judging yourself and guilt attached to it. Can is more supportive.

So the new year presents itself with fresh possibilities that we can address, that we can do. We haven’t run out of time. We have a fresh year!

How exciting. The cynic is put in the closet while possibilities abound. 2008 was a doozy of a year, for everyone on the planet. And now we have a fresh run ahead. In these few waning days I’m going to work on my list for 2009. It’s amazing in years past when I’ve done this and referred to the list through the year, how I’m able to focus better on what matters. I make several categories (health, family, finances, etc.) then put goals under each heading.

And 2009 is going to require an enormous amount of focus. It’s going to be one heck of a ride. It can be a fulfilling one, with goals accomplished.